Health & Counseling

Wellness begins by knowing your daily stressors. Whether your stressors include long assignments, managing a job and family responsibilities or taking care of others. Counseling Services can help you manage those daily stressors through using their Zen Zone, Meditation Oasis or by sitting down with a licensed counselor and talking through your stressors. If you need any medical attention such as a flu shot, seasonal cold remedy packs, or just need a check-up, our Health Services office has a fully staffed medical clinic including physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurse practitioner and registered nurses . Most visits with the providers are part of the students auxiliary fees paid with tuition, so there is no charge for these visits. Basic lab tests and medications are also available on site at a minimal fee. More info on fees can be found here: https://campus.uwplatt.edu/health-services/fees. All of these services are confidential.